Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is no joke

Hi folks!

Have we ever left some expired medicine in the fridge? Do we separate the medicine meant for adults from the one meant for children?

Do we double-check on the medicine before we feed to our child.

During the process of tending to a sick child/person, one can get rather tired and lacking in attention to details like this.

I, for once, mistook my daughter's fever medicine as my son. Luckily both are meant for children. But not so for certain medication especially those for very young children.

Previously we saw and found out that the usual Vicks sold in Malaysia market is not suitable for child under 2 (if you read the precaution printed on the label). I think not many people aware of this since we have been using it since young. Then, DH & I discovered there's actually BabyVicks sold for kids age 3 months and above. But at that time, it's not available in Malaysia market. So we got our friends to get it for us from US & UK on their trip home.

Now, this article from TheStar Online reminds me and hopefully all caregivers to be watchful over medicine we feed to the child.

A two-month-old baby boy died after his mother fed him the wrong medicine for fever, reported Harian Metro.
The mother, in her late 20s, rushed her baby to Hospital Ampang, Selangor when he began to vomit five minutes after ingesting the medicine on Monday.
The baby was already unconscious when he arrived at the hospital, according to a source.
"Medical officers gave the baby a CPR but he vomited a lot of water."
Four hours later, the baby died.

Let's be more careful and tactful at all times!

Cheers and have a safe & lovely day folks!

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