Thursday, July 21, 2011

If I happy, and you know it

   Hi folks!

I read about Sheoh Yan's entry on If I happy, and you know it and like to pen down mine hmm..perhaps by listing out, I consciously taking note of those events which makes me happy and thus do it more often and consistently..hehe

Now, let's begin:

If I happy, and you know it,
  • I had a good sleep. (I told my hubby before that I am truly like a kid, if I don't get enough sleep, I go cranky :P)
  • I managed to do some exercise whether jogging, sweat out in the gym, dancing, yoga, etc ( I remember reading somewhere  that exercising creates happy hormone :D so folks, let's commit to our constant exercise regime! )
  • I get to do my reading (it's certainly a luxury to me even to be able to flip through 3 pages of a book..that's why I love blog-hopping via my trusty Google Reader; enjoy having my daily dose of reading short entries from all the blogs I subscribed to)
  • I managed to achieve tasks listed under my To Do List
  • I managed to overcome something I thought it is impossible
  • I am listening to some happy songs
  • I spend some time and effort to dress up
  • I go out of my comfort zone and routine; and did something extraordinary
  • I made a good purchase/great bargain
  • I had a good chat or heart-to-heart talk with someone I cared about
  • I just had my favourite food (e.g. ice-cream) or just receive a hug/kiss (from kids/hubby)
Basically, I am quite like Yan too; easily happy/satisfied. My basic needs are:
  • Good Sleep
  • Daily Shower (either long or quick one; shower is the first thing i do once i reach home, no matter how hungry or tired I am as I always feel refreshed and energized; not to mentioned destress after I had my shower)
  • Hot meals
A happy mom = happy mom & wife

So folks, have you been fulfilling your basic needs to remain happy?

Why not make your list too! And enjoy...**smile**


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