Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Touching moments

Hi folks, One day mommy asked back KY, " Don't you think mom work non-stop without rest? Isn't she tired?" at response of her request to perform some task. KY replied,"Mom, when I am 7, I will cook dinner for you ok. I will help you." (why 7? Guess it's 'cos we often forbid her to hold real knife or manage the gas stove. And she must have thought 7 yrs old is big enough to handle it since mom often said when you are "big enough" (KY asked: 7 yrs old? Mom said yeah) would get her a trolley bag. So, 7 yrs old means a "big girl" to KY. Old enough to do many stuff..

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transformed housewife said...

very touching. my elder daughter is already taking over the tidying up job. now, only my younger daughter (4) who still can't help that much(according to her)