Monday, July 18, 2011

Young kids should be banned from

Hi folks,

My blogger buddy and mentor, Ai Lian tagged me on her entry of Young Kids Should be Banned from. Here are my takes:

Young kids should be Banned from:
1. Having free flow of sweets, soft drink and chocolates anywhere (whether from fridge@home or kids events/cool aunties)
2. Having too much "writing/copying" homework
5. TV and computers, before finishing their homework and revision.
6. Shouting at each other and at their parents
7. Bringing too much pocket money to school
8. Taking over parents' laptop, iPhone, iPad every single day (hehe)
9. Having too many tests/exams
10. Having astonished kilos of school bag(not more than 1/4 of their weight should be more reasonable) to lug to school everyday

In fact,the list can be more..but it's Monday and my brain is banned from going further than 10  (hehe)

So, hereby I am getting EVERYONE.... Tag yourself, anyone, everyone who read this(even if you are not a mom yet..but certainly am an uncle, cousins, aunties of kids ;)

Enjoy the free-flow of fun..listing out the unimaginable list of yours!

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Lian said...

Aiyoh, so "pai seh" you call me your mentor. I echo your point about the heavy school bag. Not even half year and I already had to buy another bag for my girl. AND she not only carries her school bag, she also carries a small recyclable bag because her school bag already too full.

transformed housewife said...

I'll tried to add up few more if my brain can give more cooperation. hehe.