Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog Day 2011

Hi folks!

In conjunction with Blog Day 2011, I like to take part and recommend 6 blogs which interest me most and truly those blogs which I read regularly...

Here's my 6 list of blogs ;) 

I was introduced to Karen's site by a colleague of mine, who is a great mom of her own right. Both of us are seeking to strike a balance and also find sanity between Me time, family time and work life.
Reading one of Karen's entry on how her daily schedule like living as a WAHM/SAHM (a fashion blogger with 3 kids) in Australia; makes us(my colleague and me) can't help to looking back at the hectic lifestyle of a typical Malaysian working mom like us.
Reading her blog entries helped me to retain sanity while emulating her fun-spirit and of course cool fashion sense!

"Sandier Pastures- desert living, Dubai style"

This is the quote which will greet you when you visit to Grace (expat mom living in Dubai; with one lovely daughter and another addition on-the-way, born in Philippines, married a Japanese)
Now, being one who loved to travel and ever longing or dreaming to stay and live at another country to experience the culture and gain invaluable life experience; reading Grace's blog makes me fill up that empty spot of my lifelong dream(yet-to-achieve).

I guess many bloggers might be familiar with Tim, the co-founder of Nuffnang, a highly successful and progressive blogging community in Asia Pacific(currently covering Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philippines and China(yep, as I read in Tim's blog entry; big market indeed! Well Done Tim & team!)
I started reading Tim's blog when I joined as a "Nuffnangers"(a term coined to describe the group of bloggers who are registered with Nuffnang). Always inspired by this down-to-earth young entrepreneur who followed "their" dreams ;)

Nope, it's not about the movie, but this is a blog of Daphne Iking, a local celebrity whom I respected. I started reading her blog after following her articles in one of the Parenting magazine, Baiboo where she wrote about her parenting stories with her first child, Isobel. I have been following her "frank" and "bold" entries ever since and am always wishing her well and well, it feels like a friend as I followed through her blogs, documenting her ups and downs over the years...celebrity is human after all....who has ups and downs and in need of a sincere friend like any one of us.

Ever seen a stroller for quadruplets (four offsprings)? You will see a lot of amazing things that this quadmama (living in US) and her hubby are handling their quads. Now, reading their blogs helped me to stay grounded, to be thankful and to raise my gratitude, energy level and patience in handling my two kids. So, if you think you have "a lot" to handle with your children, try visiting 4tunate  and you'll truly feel fortunate! Salute to these parents; as it is not easy; physically, mentally, and not to mention financially raising 4 healthy kids like them :) Bravo!

This is one of the first blog I read when I discovered the wonders of blogsphere. The owner of this blog, Ai Lian( a former Malaysia's golf player), who gave up her professional career to tend to her lovely four children. She shares her parenting and homemaking tips and tricks from her blog. I considered her as my early mentor in blogging world as she is the one who encouraged me to continue/start on my blog writing journey. So, if you like to find out about parenting tips as well as some homeschooling or things you could do to keep your kids occupied at home, do drop a visit to her site ;)

I have lots more blogs which I read regularly ranging from parenting blogs, friends' blog, vegan/vegetarian blogs, etc. But the above are some of the "influential" blogs which accompanied me daily.

What about yours? Which are the 6 blogs which you like to recommend to others?

Do share yours too and share your links with me(and everyone else by participating in Nuffnang Blog Day 2011 activity here)

(Note: Photo credit to the blog owners and google, pardon me if there's any copyright infringement. I will remove it immediately if there's any "objection". Thank you)

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Mhel Garcia said...

Thanks for the list, i found them interesting too. I heard of nuffnang but never got the chance to participate. Thanks! Villeroy and Boch