Thursday, August 25, 2011

JOM PHOTOBOOK Giveaway by KedaiGambarKami!

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Hi folks!

Do you love photo-booking?

I do ever since the traditional manual way..and now the digital photobooking make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Like to win photobook prizes below?

First Prize:
1 x photobook size 8.5 x 6 inci softcover, 20 pages worth RM129.00!

I like to win this and am deserve to win this prize because I have lotsa unprinted, un-documented pictures of my children lying around on CDs and all and I want to
put them into a nice photobook to capture the moments before I grow old as the sayings go, "Out of sight, Out of mind."

And I simply like to try the service of KedaiGambarKami.
They are located near my hometown and of course, what else to support our hometown mate right :)
Proud of them!

So, do you like to try and win yourself a Photobook from KedaiGambarKami?

If you do, quickly checkout their JOM PHOTOBOOK giveaway running from 17 Aug - 25 Aug 2011 now!

Good Luck to us all! Jom Photobook folks!


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