Monday, October 31, 2011

Family trip to Bird Park with Everyday Coupons!

Hi folks!

My family and I finally made the trip to Kuala Lumpur Bird Park - World Largest Free-Flight Walk-In Aviary! Yippee Yey!

We have been wanting to bring the kids to Bird Park for sometime. Thanks to Everyday Coupons, we managed to get the tickets for all at discounted price.

The kids being my model holding the everyday coupons we printed to redeem at the registration was fuss-free and duly acknowledge ;) with no hassles!

Here's the normal rate:
Special Admission Rate for MyKad Holder
ADULT                                                 : RM 20 only (Normal admission rate: RM 48)
CHILD (3 - 12 years old)                    : RM 10 only (Normal admission rate: RM 38)

With Everyday Coupons deal, we got it at half the special admission rate. A great savings for us considering we planned to go with my parents, siblings with their spouse and kids.

Here are some pictures to do the talking of the fun we had! Thanks to Everyday Coupons!

KY with her sun hat on, happily packed her bag as well as her brother's bag the night before (very excited!!)

KY, Shone and Zoey looking at the parrots (they are with same babysitters previously, so are pretty close playmates since young)
KY and the troupe giving the peace sign as they walked down the trail

Shone with popo (my mom) encouraing him to feed the parrots

My dad doing his "acrobatic stunts" with the parrot :P

That's all for now so that you are not overloaded with pictures on Monday..hehe..will continue in next post! Will blog on what other stuff to watch out for and things we could have prepared earlier ;)


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prince n princess mum said...

Bird park is great place to go, right?