Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Death from Dengue

Hi folks!

Today's news:
Excerpt (Source:

"Mohd Amirul Izat, who had been admitted to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian since Nov 10, was suspected to have dengue fever and was unconscious for about 23 days before he passed away. He was buried at the Kampung Pohon Tanjung Muslim cemetery."

So yes, dengue does kill ...must take precaution folks!

Cheers and clear away the stagnant water...


Cynthia said...

yes.. I think I have heard and know cases where dengue killed... it's all because of the palate count and drop of red blood cell..

Cynthia said...

that's explain when I was working in a medical research firm years ago, we were trying to invent a machine to test dengue within the first 24 hours as it's very crucial time for someone.