Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yummy, Healthy Breakfast Choice

Oats, almond, sunflower seeds, prunes, apricot,cranberries, sesame, wheatgerm and wakame sprinkles, hazelnut...filling..yummy ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

All Moms should read this!

Hi folks!

Today, while blog-hopping, came across this article in TheStar...which rings very well to all mommies...

So I strongly recommend all mommies to read it!

Have a great day and Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!


Yoga Mat and Life inspiration

Life is on loan, you never know when the loan period will end...treasure every NOW.


What does it got to do with yoga mat?

Human learn from things happening around them. From the Japanese nuclear leak, earthquake to small little things in life…for me it is the yoga mat.

I have restarted my yoga sessions recently and have been using a loan yoga mat which is such a neat one from my sis. It has been on loan to me ever since she got pregnant till now being a mom, and now this lovely mom is thinking to return back to yoga sessions with aspiration like me to get back into shape and became fit again. Therefore, it's time to return her the yoga mat.

Now, don't you all think that life is similar as well? This physical body is on loan to us to fulfill an aspiration or mission in life. But as we got used to using "it" for some time, we forgot that it does not belongs to us and then when it has to be taken away from us, we start to reflect and found we have not been fully-utilizing it. Is it too late when we have such realization?

Earth too is a loan to us. We are supposed to use it with care and make it a better place to live in. But look at our nonchalant ways in polluting the earth with chemicals, non-biodegradable disposed everywhere, high level of carbon emission, etc. What if God decided to end the loan period? What will happen to us and our future generation?

Therefore, let us learn from every small little things in life, learn from this short yoga mat story of mine and take pro-active role in maintaining and using what's been loan to us with care?

So what are the things which are considered "loan" items to you? How about relationship with our closed ones, our friends or our colleagues? Is it a short-term thing as well? Should we cherish and make the best of it?

Do share your thoughts about this!

Have an insightful day folks!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What new words I learn from the news?

Hi folks!

I am sure many of you got the news that iPad2 has been launched in Malaysia last Friday. And lots of people have been queuing since early of the Friday morning.

As i read news about iPad, here's one which I learn another new word:

"I'm very confident that we can produce a very large number of iPads for the quarter," said Cook, who is known for deft management of supply chains and inventory.


dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever: deft hands;

So, parents we are also striving to be deft everyday, aren't we? It takes a deft hands to handle the household properly too!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Submit your blog for WWWOW Awards today!

Hi folks!

Are you one who connects and share with people on WWW?

Then, you would want to to check out submitting your blog here:



Hi folks!

Feeling “Tuesday blue” today? :P Long weekends are good if they are used with care; with an event called"REST” scheduled. Otherwise the side-effect from the heavily-packed weekend would be “Tuesday (or whichever day you’re back in office) Blue at work”….

Now let me feast you with some doorgift pictures below: 

  These are just some of the doorgift I have received in my past wedding functions which I have attended. Of course these doorgift does not limit to wedding functions alone. 

I once attended a Women Technopreneur event and the doorgift is in the form of lipstick pouch. Isn't that great? The audience are all women and definitely the doorgift is useful to all!

I feel to think of the perfect gift takes a lot of creativity and effort. To think of the "perfect" doorgift is definitely challenging too...

If you have the creativity and the wish to venture into doorgift biz, you may like to check out the CREATIVE DIY DOOR GIFT CONTEST.

This contest is organized by Santa Gift Shop and the winner will each win 12 months free advertising her/his masterpieces at SGS and become their doorgift supplier. Hitting two birds with one stone!

So creative folks! What are you waiting for? Clear your blues away and start wearing your thinking head to win yourself a dream too good to be true!

For more contest details, check out the contest site here.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegetarian Wedding dinner- Elane

Hi folks! Attended this young couple wedding last week, kinda de javu as the wedding was held at the same vegetarian restaurant where my wedding was held..sweet memories & superb food!