Saturday, May 21, 2011

What are they doing?

Test Drive dream car@ Nissan. KY said she wants to fetch more people like grandpa n grandma in it. May lady luck could smile on us ;) Test Drive@Nissan and win a Nissan Lavina.. :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why did I do waking up at 3am today?

Hi folks!

Today KY going for a school trip...and I have woke up early to prepare the sushi rice at 3 am so that it'll  be ready to be wrapped at 6am later..Now, I must say I am a newbie when it comes to sushi...I just love the taste, convenience and practicality of having sushi for snacks-on-the-go which is at the same time "filling".

But, just wonder, do we need to let the sushi cool down before we wrap them? :P I am not too sure but last night even though I have set the alarm at 4.50am, I could not stop worrying that I will overslept and missed the right time to cook the sushi when I was awoke from bed at 2.35am by the princess who needs the toilet trip...I went over the kitchen to quickly cook the anxious and excited over the whole day school trip than KY :P

I have made her two mini egg burger for breakfast (sorry no time to take picture this morning as I was in a terrible RUSH hour :P ), a few vegetarian sausages(specially ordered by KY), a few mushrooms(slightly stew using the leftover water from lightly blanching the carrot and yellow capsicum meant for sushi), and oh yes two slices of organic banana cake(steam straight from freezer) which we bought together at BMS Organic after her music class last week.

So, likewise, DH and me is having the similar packed meal, except that I was seriously running late that I only managed to pack the sushi (along with wasabi), the rest of the meal items I simply had to "put" everything into a container (including the egg which is yet-to-be-wrapped into the burger bun :P ) Sorry DH...self-service at office ok :P

So, here ..typically...mommy is packing the "ends" part of the cut sushi...hehe...

Hope KY enjoyed a safe and nice school trip today...


Haier Warehouse Sales, 21-22 May 2011

Hi folks,
Looking for electrical items?
Here's one from Haier ;)
Happy Shopping!
(Source: ShoppingnSales website)

21-22 May 2011

Haier Warehouse Sales

Products Offered
Electrical Appliances

Time : 10am to 6pm

Location (Tel: 603 5882 2888)
Haier Puchong
No 1 Jalan Industri PBP 3
erindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong
Puchong, Selangor

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flaming hot prizes worth up to RM36K awaits for a #P14G Voice subscriber

Hi folks!

If you are looking into getting a #P14G Voice subscription, then you would love to know about this news:
P1 is giving away iPad, Panasonic dect phone and more!

Now click the link below for details and be the proud owner of those prizes!!
Flaming hot prizes worth up to RM36K awaits you! Challenge? To be a #P14G Voice subscriber. Get yer subscriptions rollin’!

[I am attracted to the iPad :), how about you?]


Gooroo, new web-based learning

Hi folks,

I came across, a newly-launched home-based learning website by Star Publications (M) Bhd.

If you are interested to find out more, do visit this article here or visit


Ice-cream treat

Hi folks, DH birthday is round the corner, we had a first round celeb with ice-treats from Haegan-Danz..something simple but lovely...Anyone like to guess how much these four lovely cups cost? (No price for correct answer though.. Just a test of your sensitivity on current market price..I am for once "marveled" by it....)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegetarian Restaurant-Simple Life @ Sunway Pyramid

Hi folks! Discovered a vegetarian restaurant- Simple Life at Sunway Pyramid..fully-packed..on Wesak Day ;) Do try when you're there! Cheers :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magical Musicals at Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon

Hi folks!

Remember the last Peter Pan Musical took placed at Sunway Lagoon last year? 

Now, Sunway Lagoon is back to present us another feast of a great show not-to-be-missed!!

Date: June 10 to July 17 
Venue:Amphitheatre@Sunway Lagoon.
Featuring:Songs from Moulin Rouge!, Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and even the latest television musical phenomenon, Glee.

This 90 minute production comprises talented folks over from London's West End theatres to perform right here in KL, just like they did with Peter Pan the Musical last year(

This is certainly another enriching experience not to be missed! And I heard a major improvements to the Amphitheatre, and I can't wait to bring my children along to experience another musical adventures :)

How about you? Excited to find out more?  Go to now for more details and book your tickets now. For those who buy the tickets before 31st May are entitled for 30% discounts!  


Monday, May 16, 2011

Wesak Day & Movie sharing

Hi folks! Tomorrow is Wesak Day..any plans? These few days are certainly hot, if u intend to stay home, here's a good movie to catch! A true incident and an award-winning movie which can spark some life-saving conversation with our kids!

One More Up for Vegetarians

Hi folks! Saw this article@ TheSun. The more we should go for meatless diet as much as we could. Today is Meatless Monday & tomorrow is 15th of lunar calendar, a good reason to try forgo the meat for once and be good to yourself! Cheers!