Saturday, June 11, 2011

What my boy is 6-ish am

Hi folks, my boy is an whenever he's awake, he'll drag me out of bed as what normally we'll do is..he'll munch on his morning snack(grapes, bread,yogurt, cheese) while mommy has her dose of morning reading/blog-hops ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Moment of Silence

Hi folks!

Finally get rid of the gum pain. Just back from the dentist. Phew... This is the second time got reprimanded by the dentist.

The first one happened 4 yrs back when I delayed the surgery to remove my wisdom tooth as I was pregnant then, not suitable to take x-ray.

This time round cos my tooth decay was so bad and I did not see the dentist in time..last week I went it was closed I was rushing two document deadlines(oh did I say I am a Technical Writer by the way) couldn't possibly take another day off when it was re-opened the next two days..oh well..

Their reprimand were done while pulling out my tooth.. So it was met with moment of silence since I can't defend myself so to I know why the dentist like to lecture during or after pulling teeth :P

Anyway, I must say I don't intend to "talk back" anyhow. 'cos it is quite true that most of us only went to see the dentist when the condition was real bad. We do not practice visit the dentist once or twice a year. Not to mention how costly private dentist can be... Well.. They studied and paid high tuition fees to be a I guess it is a return of their hard work and the money spent.

Now coming back to dentist stories, this lady dentist whom I met last year to remove my wisdom tooth is real fast & steady. The whole ordeal lasted less than 10mins compared to the private one I had(costing MYR350 & more than 40 mins for one wisdom tooth).

Maybe it's women natural tolerance to pain, I don't really feel that painful after the procedure...but am silently feeling grateful as the constant gum swelling, gum pain and migraine will soon leave me..

Nevertheless will take all the necessary steps to ensure fast healing..Vit. C, bed rest, no heavy carrying(include kids..),salt water light rinse, soft food and hygiene(frequent change of clean cotton..

Till then moment of silence for today..


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

All kids seem to be fascinated with this

Or is their mom who thought so.. I felt all boys(or for my case all girls as well) ought to own a train set..hehe..been wanting to get one for the kids after seeing them playing with their cousin's set. Here it is the new train set as a birthday gift for the birthday be shared with the Sis of course ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forced intake

As much as I dreaded eating now that the gum pain... I had to so that I could take the much-needed painkillers and no-choice-but-to-take antibiotic so that the swell goes off and I could get the dentist to remove the pain before it haunt me weekly..

Coffee tutoring session

Hi folks, gum swollen again, going to c dentist later. While waiting for clinic to open, DH demo to me the proportion of coffee powder:sugar:creamer as 1:2:3 as I told him I not sure how a perfect coffee should be since I am no coffee drinker..n here is the way DH does dip with soda cracker..ah...

Bread Sushi

Hi folks. I am left with lotsa bread and made these bread sushi snacks with soy floss, mayonnaise and seaweed. Another simple "fried-free" snack :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toddler dies in bathtub

Hi folks,

I am sure many of us parents have heard of the danger of young children playing with water, even as shallow as it is...

When i saw the news today about a two-year-old girl was found drowned in a tub in a bathroom of a nursery in Paya Terubon, it makes my heart shudder.

Again we should never let down our guards, parents and caregivers alike.

Always teach the children to keep safe and babyproof their surrounding..

Have an insightful day!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vocab 6: What new words I learn from the "news" today?

 Hi folks,

Another new word learn from the news today:

"Fernandes announced that he had made a bid for the club on Twitter on Wednesday, but Sullivan dismissed the offer as so 'derisory' it was hardly worth bothering about."

derisory [dɪˈraɪsərɪ -zərɪ]adj
1. subject to or worthy of derision, esp because of being ridiculously small or inadequate

Cheers and Happy Learning daily!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yummylicious discovery- Organic Express

Hi folks, Visited a long-time friend with my buddy, Charl&Sofia, was introduced this new eatery which has a crowd waiting to be seated when we left ;) a rare sight for an organic restaurant ;)