Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recuperate- Day 2

Hi folks!
Ironically my appetite did returned yesterday however that brings another string of emotional-high turbulence..

As I waited DH lunchtime to arrive, I was already very hungry. Ate a big apple, made a cup of Milo, scoop a big spoonful of steamed chocolate cake made by my talented neighbor. Still waiting....

When 12noon reaches, DH didn't call to check what I like to have for lunch.. So I called him..Tadahh...he's already eating outside with his colleague..and I still ask are u buying me lunch later? Obviously never came across his mind..yea.. To him a discharged wife is one who are capable to of not only take care of the family but herself too disregard I am discharged to recuperate.. Disregard I am sent home with a still low platelet of 87.

I feel utterly Disappointed!!!!! I asked," so u got no intention to pack me anything?!!" and I did what I don't usually do... I Slammmed his call. I slammed the doors.. And wanted to cry cry hard but still too weak to I must not agitate myself.. I must recover fast cos my son is still being taken care of by my equally not so well dad( suffering from diarrhea)

I bombarded my FB walls with lotsa emotions n sadness..while growling in hunger until my sis came to my rescue..

Lessons learnt.. Which I should have learnt it long time now..never expect a guy to be sensitive enough to know what u want.. They are simply clueless and hopeless at this dept.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Recuperate- Day 1

Hi folks! I have been lying down a lot while missing my son dearly. He's with my dad for a week now as mommy still has not regained enough strength to watch them safely on my own..

So many long dreaded days have passed.. People says, " there's silver lining....." I hope it's indeed a blessings in disguise for me. Pray that I have appetite soon & the vomitting & diarrhea stops.. Am enticing myself by looking at yummy food pictures...

Have fun and fulfilling day folks! Count our days by each minutes.. Savor your meals with thankfulness!


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Discharged from Hospital

Hi folks! My platelet made a recovery.. From 39 yesterday to 87. Still far from the normal 150 but I am allowed to discharge and recuperate@home.

Thanks for all your kind advice & prayers!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warded for Dengue Fever- Day 7

Hi folks,
Am down with dengue past few days.. Fighting to make the platelet goes up..
Pray for me and take good care too everyone!

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