Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moonlight Movie@ Bukit Kiara

Hi folks! 
Last Sat, we as Unifi users are invited to a moonlight movie marathon@Bukit Kiara Equestrian Indoor Arena. 
Theme: Beachwear. 
At first I thought it's those movie in the car with a big screen. But kinda disappointed at the venue..too stuffy &hot to hold a movie marathon! I must say this event is not as organized as it should be..lots to improve, from venue to event details, timing, expensive & long queue to get the pricey F&B! As an invited guest, we need to pay for the meals. It makes no sense at all to state the starting time at 6pm but only start the show after 7pm. Making us wonder about dinner time.....or... are we merely considered another potential client of the exclusive F& B stalls? We don't get our so-called VIP Guest to pay for their meals do we? If so, then make the event after dinner time to avoid the long queue and inconveniences caused especially to family with young children.

Hope they will improve on their event organizing skills...definitely thinking more than thrice to participate in any of their future events... hohoho...

Cheers to a happy and fruitful day!

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