Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Hopes & Attitude

Hi folks!

Yesterday I took a day off to send the kids to nursery and also to take some time off to do some mini spring-cleaning after coming back from a 3-day camp (the first camp ever after more than 7yrs absence from attending such motivational camps; it is there where I met my hubby too!)

I like to share something I learn from the radio deejay yesterday. "Ask what we can do to xxx, rather than what others can do to us". And "what should we do to achieve our goal rather than waiting for it to miraculously happen.."

They were discussing with listeners to ask what they like to contribute back to the co. for year 2012. And what actions they should start doing to achieve the new year goals made.

As it is much easier to start the Change from Ourselves rather than hoping others(things, events, condition) to change.

So what I like myself to change this year? I hope to have more patience and peace at heart in everything I do. More patient with the kids.. And enjoy their cheekiness...more at peace with the chores n tasks I need to do daily...

First thing to do is to have a grateful heart and give thanks more.....first thing in the morning while getting the kids
Ready for school and driving thru the jam...Have Patience, sing songs :)

How about you? What do you like to achieve today?

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