Thursday, February 23, 2012

15 minute lunch pack: Stir-fry Fusilli

Hi folks! Fusilli is one of the of pasta I cooked often besides macaroni. Reason being it is easy to cook and easy to eat with spoon. Lately I colleague told me she would soak the pasta before cooking them and another colleague of DH just cook it without boiling them. For me, I am used to how he westerners do it, first cook them in hot boiling water(with added salt for faster cooking) & Chinese way of adding a bit of oil in the boiling water so that the pasta won't stick together ( another way to do this is to run thru the pasta over cold water right after it is cooked so it won't stick and would be "kiu"/chewy texture). Same as ramen, while the pasta is cooking(takes about 10mins), I would stir-fry black olives(taste great to replace garlic), broccoli(for faster cooking I might even put the broccoli over the top of the pasta; it will turn soft and cooked faster), mushroom, soy-ham, herbs and whatever I have at hand. Once done I would add bit of olive oil, if better use olive oil in the entire stir-fry and u will find the pasta with very nice fragrance..yummy..Easy peasy rite..15minutes and lunch pack is ready! ;)


MeRy said...

definitely taste great....I love cooking pasta for my kids during weekend.Easy to cook and taste yummy.

prince n princess mum said...

Looks superb, think it taste yummy, too!