Sunday, February 26, 2012

Far-Infrared Stimulation Reflexology Plus Patch

Hi folks! I been wanting to try out these types of products for sometime. So after dengue, when I am having backache, my friend suggested I use this. I did for 3 nights straight...all turned out fully-black. After that couple with taking traditional Chinese medication, my back pain issue solved.
Now 3 myths after dengue, I bought a box again to use. Here's the results I got..yep according to the chart, no more issue on back, digestive system but still has significant issues with heart, liver and the top part of the organs..and true enough, I would have heart pain when I raise my voice or got angry these days u know..quite unusual compared to my non-dengue days..phew no wonder ppl said after dengue the whole immune and body system deteriorates....

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