Friday, February 10, 2012

Nasal strip for kids

Hi folks!

Last night was the second night KY use the Breathe Right Nasal Strips for kids.

During the first use, after putting it on overnight (the instruction stated that it has to be removed, not to be put on more than 12 hours), it got a bit stucked..difficult to remove. If you have put the pore pack(for adults to remove blackheads) more than 15 minutes, you would know how it is like. It became so hard and sticky to the nose that it became real hard to remove/peel off.

So i applied the handkerchief dipped in warm water on KY's nose for awhile. And she volunteered to remove it herself after that.

When I asked, " Did it really helped to make you breathe easier at night?"
"Yes!!", KY said..thus again asked for it last night.

I am wondering if she finds it similar to my pore pack thus fun to use to imitate mommy....or really helped her to breathe easier...

Anyhow..this box is there with us during the nose-stucked nights....oh's for kids over 5 years old! The pack for kids(sold in Malaysia) is orange pack! Don't get the wrong ones..else it'll be too large for their tiny nose :)


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transformed housewife said...

I should buy this and have it in hand for my kids too.