Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Day

Hi folks!

What do you planning to do tonight to celebrate Earth Day?

Besides is a Bring Your own Bag day(Sat for Klang Valley), I think is good time to discuss with kids some new green approach to implement in our household...
1. Make Compost
2. Put more effort in separating the rubbish/waste(yep not 100%successful here)
3. Reuse, recycle, some stuff @home
4. Switch off whatever appliances we aren't using
5. Talk about how energy, water and paper came from with kids..

What other fun things we could do with the kids? Let them share some creative ideas to create things out of waste.... ;) an we'll be surprise at their ideas :) & how much they know!

Have a lovely weekend...and to those who are going back hometown for tomb-sweeping day, have a safe journey back!


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