Monday, March 26, 2012

Speedy Recovery from Cough

Hi folks!
I am down with cough since last 2 weeks. Lack of rest, sleep deprivation and air-conditioned make it hard to recover.
Coupled with the fact that my two kids are having cough as well.
So, last week doctor gave me two days mc to let me rest it out.
I am back to work today after 4 days(including Sat & Sun) are what I did to recover faster (for my own recording plus sharing with u all):
  1. Rest
    • Since i get interrupted sleep at night with SE down with flu and cough, the mc helps to let me replenish the zz during daytime when they are off to school/babysitter's place
  2. Drink plenty of hot/warm drinks
    • I find making some hot oatmilks drinks to drink make the throat less itchy
    • Keeping with me a bottle of thermos filled with hot warm fluid to drink each time throat is itchy; beside my bed and when i travel out
  3. See a doctor/Seek medical/remedy
    • I took doctor prescription (consist of pills for lung, cough, flu and throat), it made me feeling real sluggish and zombie till the next day
    • Subsequently, I took some chinese herbal medication + western medicine(have to take it few hours apart; for me, i take the western at night and chinese ones at daytime so that i won't be zombie while on the wheel)
  4. Tried Home/Natural Remedies to speed Recovery (on top of medication/on the way back to full health; will draft out recipe in separate entry later)
    • Lemon+manuka honey + propolis honey (gave these to the kids as well)
    • Double-boiled Orange + rock sugar ( a recipe shared by a buddy)
    • Boil 2 stalks of lemongrass and 2pcs dried tangerines
  5. Skip fruits, spicy/fried food and eggs for awhile (to avoid accumulated phlegm)
    • Not sure how true, but i am abiding it to test it out; nothing to lose except losing some fiber
  6. Daily 1000mg soluble Vitamine C drink/ Sucking 500mg Vit C tablet morning and night
  7. Sleep/be air-cond-free
    • This can only be done if not working in office..have tried negotiated for a work-from-home option cos got tonnes of works to finish up...but alas...well...not having any WAH at all last week. Simply rest n rest and rest...(okay, i did sneak in a bit of laundry and mopping to ensure dust free thus away from flu n cough for kids at least...)
  8. Cover my chest and neck area
    • Try not to get chilled, changed wet clothes immediately (yep this confinement practice passed down from mil does rings back in memory....)
The above are all the measures i have undertaken to help myself to recover sooner(cannot afford to take more leave/mc...else work will pilled up till no end).
And it worked for me; at least...4-5 days well taken care body is what it takes..never ever let ourselves/our body take too long to heal by not taking good care of the signs, symptom and tiredness.......till it hurt our lung..never ever...
Note: The above steps are my own personal encounter and experience meant as a sharing as well as my own record, always check with your trusted physician for advice!
Chill out..phew..time to get back tobpending list@work/home. It's been a nice break and rest all rite...

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