Thursday, March 22, 2012

Western vs. Chinese/Natural Medication

Hi folks!

Lately I've been down with cough, flu and continuous
Interrupted sleep making my whole body immune at a low point. It didn't help that straight after that the series of events(the funeral, kids down with vomiting & nose block who didn't sleep well at night) making my already weak body drilling even further. And we women or mom, I noticed hardly know the signs of burnt out or "stress" as march on with our daily duties. When seeking out for natural solutions, the pharmacist asked if i was stressed out, I couldn't answer her. As if I would, I don't really notice it besides some questioning whether we have been losing our patience lately and losing sleep too.

So the second round, as the cough got worse especially when I work in air-cond room, doctor specifically asked me to rest 2 days at home. I maxing out on my mc or what..gosh.. But no choice, better get well so that I could perform well too rather being sick and unproductive.

So am obediently(hopefully able to resist the washing, cleaning and I always do even during sick period) taking a break for two days..will just eat, zzz and sleep. Letting my body heal itself.

But wanting to get well fast, I resort to taking the western medication(which I usually don't), wow it really make me feel drugged, wobbly and just want to lie down, no appetite or energy at all. Compared to Chinese and natural(lemon+manuka+propolis) that I usually takes which doesn't make me feel any different..phew.. Even though it takes longer time to heal naturally, I still don't really like the "weakly" feel after taking western medication..

How about you all? Do u prefer the natural or the western medicine way when coming to treating your sickness?

Till I get back to my healthy and bubbly going to close my eyes and rest rest rest.

Cheers and have a great day folks!

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