Friday, April 13, 2012

How well-equipped are we?

Hi folks!
Last Wednesday, during the public holiday in Malaysia, many of us felt the after-shock from the earthquake from Indonesia.
My sister called me while i was driving back from my mom's place around 4.30pm saying that their condo residents all rushed downstairs and waiting for the firemen to give the clearance before heading back. Some of her neighbours saw the building moving. My sis saw her fan moving without power on.
Not only is Malaysia building not built to resist earth quake, neither is the citizens in general.

Many of us only experienced fire drill at school and work. But how many of us are well-equipped with what to do during disaster?
How many of us knew how to swim, knew first aird and knew we had to run instead of going forward to check on the tsunami?
Recent cases shows that Malaysians are still ill-equipped on all these.
Besides packing our "disaster backpack" to contain our basic necessities and important and place it near our door, what else should we do?
What we should be nurturing in our kids so that they knew what to do when disaster strikes.
Most important of all, we ought to be able to stay calm and also have God in our heart always...
What are the things you are doing on regular basis?
One of my friend who have stayed in US said they have these bags ready in the car, at home and the dry food like biscuits and drinks are changed every 3 months as they often experienced tornados etc.
So, it's really time we give ourselves a check and get ourselves equipped physically and mentally, don't you think?
Have a thoughtful weekend ahead folks!

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