Friday, April 20, 2012

Malaysia Room For Rent

Hi folks!
I remember during my college days, I have been searching and moving rooms for thrice. Each time, I need to scout for room for rent before my term expires or before the end of my tenure.
Back then (I believe now as well), we would see notices of room for rent at telephone booth, outside shophouses, on college notice boards and even on some trees.
We would then check out the address and condition of the house(exterior) and then give a call on the number appears on the notices. Then we would set for a room viewing session.
What do most people check when we go "inspecting" the rooms/house for rent?
  1. Cleanliness - Is there rubbish piling at the compound, kitchen or living room?
  2. No. of people staying there - By looking at the shoes, we can sometimes tell how many people would occupied the house (commonly, students' house would consist not only the occupant; at times their "other" friends as well). This would sometimes make the house quite noisy or "crowded"
  3. House rules - Some landlords has very strict rules; no cooking, no pets, extra charge for bringing a computer/laptop, etc...etc...
  4. Rent policies - If you are renting a room rather than a house, it will be pretty straight-forward on the payment and deposit. But if you rent a house, usually you would need to sign a one-year or two-year contract. Watch out for maintenance clause, i.e. when anything broke down, be it the water pipe, kitchen tap, lock, toilet flush etc.
There are many more things to watch out when we are renting room out there.
And we need lotsa luck to find a comfy room for rent with affordable price. And usually my best bet would be scouting from legitimate sources. Back then my choice would be from the college notice board, friends' recommendation or by knocking on the doors with the room for rent placard. Now, with the advancement of technology, it's so much easier, we can go online for room renting on website like
Hope my sharing helps for you to find some insights on renting a room.

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