Monday, April 30, 2012

A minor car accident and fixing car plate

Hi folks!

Last Sat, I had a minor car accident involving a Blue Kelisa. At the turning, the blue kelisa who has turned left at the junction suddenly stop and not being careful to check once more before i make my turn, i bumped into that car. To cut the story short, I had to pay for the "specially-import-from-Japan" bumper.

Even though, i feel the driver in front is also at fault for stopping abruptly, but being the one who didn't check once more before turning, what's more I am bumping the car from behind, so obviously, i had to pay for the damages. DH said, "Just pay them, treat it as a lessons!". Yeah other party has hubby to sort out for them, but my DH simply wants me to settle myself..and learn the lessons...very good hubby i have here...basically teaching me a lesson...

Anyhow, I am grateful enough that my daughter, myself and the other driver is safe and sound and no major mishaps except my car plate is damaged and the other party the sturdy Made-in-Japan Gino bumper is "slightly" damaged( I guess the material must be strong enough to withstand my "bump"
from the back. The other party's husband said he spent more than 1 K for that set of bumper- front and back).

So back to my story, i had to obviously get the car plate fixed as soon as possible but i had to run to fetch my son, my hubby then rushed for another class, all within 30mins..(life is always such a rush for me, and I had to do it fast and steady). So, I can only settle the car plate after the class.

Alas, the trusty and prompt (takes less than 10mins to fix it the last time i went) car plate shop which is closed. I had to go to one of the car accessory shop to fix it(start with "B") and i truly dismayed at the slowness of their service. I am being informed that I had to wait for 30mins. after I made my payment; and told to go shop around upstairs(nothing much to see and I came down less than 10mins). Waited and waited till 30mins up, no shadow appears). No one is fixing my car plate at all despite having so many manpowers minding(or rather sitting around) in the shop. Do they rely only on one single worker to fix it? Phew, if not fearing DH having see the car plate would "storm" into "dark clouds" and that Sunday will be closed for most shops...I would be losing my mind waiting for more than 40mins at the shop to get it fixed!

So, another lessons learnt here..beside being more careful on the road is...NEVER EVER fix car plate at car accessory shop; especially not that branch and that shop as to them it is a  LOW PRIORITY and DOESN'T earn much shop. FULL STOP.

Phew...just made the transfer of $ to reimburse the driver for the gone can be earned back. Hopefully i will be more careful from now on and luckier from now on. Time to scout for some "moonlighting" work to do to earn back the "losses". If you all got any recommendation, kindly introduce....thanks!


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