Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day missed and hit

Hi folks!

This year Mother's Day, it is a fruitful one(for me at least). I had my facial session as planned (although almost didn't make it as something happened in between that nearly made me lost my mood to go ; someone forgot i had the session...hohoho..anyway glad i did went at the end! And it was good! Glad I made it though I was 15mins. late). Now, when was the last time i had a facial session? Can't remember...DIY didn't count is a small little pampering time for myself on the eve of Mother's Day.

Then, on the actual day itself, hubby actually got the "wrong cake" or did not get the intended cake. But it was ok actually 'cos all the other cakes from that cake house taste great. Just that the Mother's Day theme-cake you will only get to try it during Mother's Day. Another communication breakdown sometimes but well...we go for the effort rather than the missed cake-buying effort is accomplished by dear hubby (he asked me why some customer gets carnation, some don't, then i said to him, only those who bought the Mother's Day theme cake will get it. lolx..this shows when i showed him the leaflet, he missed big deal! It's considered good enough as DH seldom buy cakes so cannot blame him for not being "alert" enough to read the BIG banner placed on the door and at the counter of the cakehouse)

Then on the day itself, DH was occupied the half day(morning)  left me & kids with my in-laws. So we ate, talked, talked and then finallly prepare lunch(yea, it isn't off day for us on Mother's Day, we still cook and eat at home). And the afternoon i spent my time catching on my sleep with the kids while DH chat with his dad and mom. Then again is dinnertime..and cake cutting session...overall it is a good Mother's Day allrite..we spent time with our family members..that's what all matters.!

So, how was your Mother's Day? Hope it has been good...and the good depends how we look at it...for mine..i looked beyond the "missed" and focus on the "hit"so I am happy!

Cheers and everyday is a Mother's Day k...let's take good care of ourselves as a mom and give the well-deserved break to chill out from time to time!

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