Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The World needs more Softness

Hi folks!

First of all, Happy Labour Day holiday to all (including stay-at-home-mom :D). Hope we all have a good and welcome break today.

While I was browsing through the Facebook, I still see lots of articles regarding the Bersih rally. Lots of "rough" acts been done.

Really, I feel this world needs more SOFTNESS!

Talking about this, what do you think of softness? Right in front of me, there is this box of Kleenex soft tissues. At my drawer at work, it feels great having a handy pack of Kleenex too. In the car, on my bedroom side table, at living room.  It works like magic, the soft tissues is the first one to sooth our tears, our flu and a quick wipe to save the the day!

Recently, I receive this lovely pack from Kleenex for the recent campaign on Share the Softness. Now, I like to share the goodness and softness with you folks!

I even got this jar of candy to share with the people I care about (am going to pass it to one of my lovely colleague who has brighten up my days at work and who will be leaving for a greener pasture)

Now, Kleenex® gives us an awesome
way to Share the Softness ONLINE!

Check out Kleenex Share the Softness Campaign on their Facebook now:

 Fill up the form and send a free tissue sample to your loved ones. I have shared mine :)

What are you waiting for? Good things are meant to be shared! Don't say I didn't share with you all...hahaha......Share and spread the softness today....you won't know how much you can do by little sharing and a little more softness in life daily! 


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that's nice. thanks for sharing.