Sunday, June 10, 2012

Balik Kampung - Part 3; food brings memories

Hi folks! Do you missed the food you used to eat since childhood? When I was pregnant with KY, I craves for food I used to eat when I was young. DH is even willing to drive me back from KL to BP(Johor) just to fulfil my craving(nope I didn't let him do so but managed to find a similar ones in KL instead). So during my balik kampung trip, before the wedding luncheon, we got up quite early for food hunting(look at the listless kids..:P who was dragged out of home early in the morning as well). My siblings went eating few stalls, tasted up to 8 dishes for breakfast. As for me, the first stall I went is this uncle who my dad used to pack lunch to school or me whenever I have sports practice after school. Here's his signature fried white raddish cake. Yummy..,,


MeRy said...

I always miss my hometown's food....they are the best.

prince n princess mum said...

Hometown food are the best!