Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 minutes lunch pack- Whole wheat Stir fry spaghetti

Hi folks, i love spaghetti. This is my first time cooking a whole wheat spaghetti(a gift from a friend). I cooked it my usual favorite way, light stir fry but this time using coconut oil, added diced pumpkin(super delicious!!), broccoli, Vege ham, black olives, carrot, Chinese mushroom, basil, mixed herbs and must not left out some extra virgin olive oil at the end. Super yummy and satisfying meal which I can't help but took portion of it during breakfast :) albeit I feel the whole wheat spaghetti is better to be sautéed or spread on with sauces or gravy so it would absorb the water and nicer to munch on. My next experiment ;)

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