Wednesday, July 4, 2012

KY first Choreography notes

Hi folks! KY loves to dance. Yesterday, she asked me to check on the dancing steps she designed for her and SE with the choreograph steps she has designed on a paper. Wow..this girl really has talents, where does she learnt this skills? Mommy never show her any of these as mommy never good at dancing haha..
She reminds me of my sister who used to choreograph for us when we were younger. KY principal and teacher has been noticing her talent in dancing as well and has been asking me to send her for some modern dance..any good dancing school around?
I think my only challenge is finding time to drive her there.. Time to recheck and rearrange my schedule :) how far would you go to nurture your kids talents? This is the question I am asking myself? Are u able to make time for it? Food for thought..and time to take some action FAST! :) cheers!

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