Monday, July 2, 2012

SE at 4yrs old

Hi folks! It's been a long time since I last update on SE. He just reached his 4 year-old birthday in June. At 4 yr old, he has been attending nursery for 6 months. 
His Chinese teacher said he is a good boy, more obedient and good than his sister whereas his English teacher finds him not as sociable compared to his elder sis, KY. Well truly KY is one social butterfly that makes friends easily but SE is a more shy and quiet type. But he is a lovable boy that you would feel bad just for reprimand or punish him. He is very generous with a helping hand, hugs and kisses and very caring to his sis as well. 

There was once his sister hurt her head after not heeding my advice not to play with certain object. Thus, being too mad over her mischief, I did not immediately sooth her but gave her stern warning and reprimand. But SE without me telling him, rushed to the fridge to get the aloe Vera gel and apply on the bump of her sis and even reprimand me for not being caring when his sister already hurt herself. I not amazed by his conscientious at a young age.

At this age, he is very fun and interesting person to talk to. His answers and chat never fails to amazed me. Even his dad said his "reasoning" is very reasonable not out of nowhere or nonsense... 

And he has very good handwriting.
For him, he would rub off any untidy handwriting himself without being unlike her sis..well we aren't comparing just can't help learning and referencing the two very different traits of this two siblings. 

Truly, this young man has a character of his own and from him I learnt a great deal. He is my constant reminder and great conpanion! 

SE, Love it when you yearned for my hugss before bedtime and your generous kisses and goodbye when I  goin out. Wonder if you will be continue doing this with mom..hugs and kisses always...

Love u...

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