Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping online

Hi folks!

Did you all managed to get anything during Superbuy special giveaway yesterday? I did! I was trying to get a pair of sunglasses for myself and hubby(and for the kids actually but do not find any durable brand for their size yet...thinking to find you all have any good brand to share and where can we get it?).

So yey, I managed to grab two sunglasses for me and hubby at a good price after the MYR20 discount coupon.

These days it has become more and more difficult for us to shop with the active kids around...with short attention span and patience (except the toys dept. or store of course where they are willingly staying put there or even refuse to get out when the store is almost closing!).

Thus, shopping online with less stress and possibly better choices these days really a preferred option for me. What about you? Any particular items you found/often buy online? Do share with me your experience...and I shall share mine in the next coming post!

Have a good day folks!


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transformed housewife said...

I've bought some items like clothes, special flour so called "Magic Flour" and toys for my kids through online. But I normally buy from those whom I already trust.