Sunday, September 30, 2012

My First Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh Scented Experience

Hi folks!

How is everyone! Time really flies...lately I've been rather occupied and thus not much entries...

I believe many working mommies are having full hands most of the time too! Thus any slight and  simple "enhancement" can be truly a luxury and something that would cheer our days!

After a day's work, what I truly treasure is the moment of peace, clean home, and of course the little "enhancement" like nice fragrance helps! :)

(nice, clean, refreshing...hehe this is my dream bathroom!)

Sometimes, I have will light up some fragrance candle and special incense with (with bugs-removing properties). It just feels so much difference with such slight "enhancement" in our surrounding!

Another task I truly treasure is the time I get to shower and "conduct my business" in "peace". Recently the "enhancement" I experienced is this nice fragrance at the washroom area. The new Kleenex UltraSoft must get one to try it! Once you try it, perhaps you would also add in this criteria - nice soft, natural fragrance as one of the criteria when you shop for toilet paper.

When I shop for toilet paper, there are specific criteria and specific brand I would go for as DH is very particular about this seemingly small yet important item in our life. It is something we used daily!

So far Kleenex is one and the only brand that passed his expectation, i.e. good and soft enough for him and our kids.

Now with the newly introduced Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh Bath Tissues selling at 10 rolls (RM17.95) and 20 rolls (RM33.10), we certainly are very pampered and this is really a little "luxury" and "enhancement" in life!

Not only that, now Kleenex is giving the customers a chance to win professional bathroom makeover (imagine the bathroom I posted that would truly "enhanced my daily "luxury"!!) worth RM10,000a full year’s supply of the brand new scented Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh bath tissues and a spread in Parenthood magazine! 

All we have to do is join the Kleenex® Refresh Your Bathroom” Contest on the Kleenex Malaysia Facebook page

This contest is ending on 30 September (today!!). So what are you waiting for? Join me and click on  Kleenex Malaysia FB page now and submit our story in the Kleenex Refresh Your Bathroom” contest!

Have a nice-smelling and lovely weekend folks!

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