Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

Hi folks!

Yesterday my office had a Raya celeb., but as I glance out at the feast area, I saw 3 goats(I was then told there are 6 goats) hanging there on BBQ/roasted. I cannot bear to join the feast though I know I could have taken other fruits and Veges available....(no offense to people on meaty diet) I just felt sorry for the goats and don't feel like the end of feast, one of my bosses dropped by and asked why I didn't join in, I just smiled..and then he brought me these cupcakes...simple yet kind gesture that is moving and touchy..thanks and bless his soul! Sometimes random act of kindness like this touches another soul without us let's practice such random kindness in our life and make this earth a warmer&loving place to live in. Cheers! :)

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