Monday, December 17, 2012

A Fabulous and Productive Weekend

Hi folks!

How was your weekend!

I have had a rather fabulous and productive one J Thank God for that.

What makes the weekend very happy….and grateful for me:

1.       Meeting up with like-minded people who are working on something which they are passionate about.

2.       Knowing I am not alone and there are always people out there who are willing to lend a hand.

3.       Knowing that I am not made of steel and that I too needed to learn to listen to my body and accept or ask for help whenever I need one.

4.       DH willingly brought me to the BBW (yey!!!) which really makes my days…

5.       Discovering something about DH which I never knew (he stayed longer at the BBW than I did and chose more great books for the kids that I do!). Why I said so, 'cos honestly I have not learnt this bookish part of DH besides as I always felt he's only fascinated and well-verse with gadgets stuff. Gungho for that!

6.       Knowing I just have to learn to ask for something which I need. And leave the rest to God/others. (Yea, I am one who are shy to ask for help or bother others)

7.       Gathering and sitting down listening to others which makes me know more about others. Previously I find I am always too busy to sit down and listen.

8.       Made the trip I have wanted/planned to/for.

9.       Bought KY to choose some small birthday gift to thank the babysitter and her daughter for their care and love for my children.

10.   Splurge on something for KY and then realize it doesn't worth that much. Learn from it together with KY and had learnt our lesson on budgeting.

What are the events happening over your weekend which you are grateful for?


Care to share?


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transformed housewife said...

Mine maybe preparing Fish & Chips with my elder daughters. We just stayed at home last weekends.