Saturday, December 8, 2012

What a BFF for?

Hi folks!

BFF or best of friends..or our buddies are one who:
1. Cheer us up when we are down
2. Supports our dreams 
3. Give a push or join our crazy ideas to make it a reality
4. Lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on without fear of spilling the beans
5. Celebrates all the triumph, success and special days with us however insignificant it may be to others
6. Someone we misses yet distance will not make the relationship apart 
7. Add on your feelings or definition of your BFF! :)

Thank God I have my BFFsss during my ups n downs..bless their souls and spirits!

Final Call!!!!
Meanwhile pls. do your act of kindness by joining this contest and charity hosted at my blog: 
Before 8 Dec! Kleenex will be donating MYR10 per entry to Make-A-Wish Malaysia. So please give a helping hand! 

Cheers & thanks to those who have participated!

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