Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reflection and Reporting: Learning to Bake

Hi folks! One of my goal is to learn up new skills. Here's one of them: BAking. First attempt using Pre-made dough but judging from the results(overbaked) I still got lotsa experiments & lessons before getting it right! Gambateh!! What new skills are you picking up this year? Pls. share! Cheers! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Reflection and Reporting: Filial Piety

Hi folks!

This year, another goal I wish to achieve is to practice : FILIAL PIETY.
In Confucian ideals, filial piety (Chinese: ) is one of the virtues to be held above all else: a respect for the parents and ancestors. 
This is somewhat an unfamiliar term for those who are not familiar with the Confucius teaching, but nevertheless, this virtue has been imparted in other forms or terms.
For example, in Malaysia education, the Malay term for it will be "Kasih Sayang kepada Ibubapa.".

Frankly speaking, I am not considered very filial person. Or shall I say I have not progress much in this field.
Yes I do care a lot for my family. I have been trying to reduce the financial burden of my parents by giving tuition since Form 2 (age 14) till my college years. I studied hard to earn a scholarship so that my parents will not have to crack head and back to pay for my sis (who is one year apart from me) and me through universities.

In a way, it makes me more independent and grow rather "distant" from my family. During college times, I would work during the holiday, spending very little time at home. Even though at that time, i made sure i called home every week. Something which I tend to forget to do now that I have my own family and kids.

So this year, I hope I will maintain this routine to call my parents weekly if not more often and try to visit them as often as I could. 

Whenever I told my child whatever i wished, e.g., wish they could drive me when they got their driving license, wish they would provide me with some surprises (good ones of course), be a good and responsible person..etc...I reckon I should do it to my parents too :) 

So I hope I can bring them for trips and outings more often too. Have to really cherish while they are still around.

And I hope I can be more supportive and encouraging with my words and not to talked back/preaching when I don't come into terms with their ways or mindset.

My children are my mirrors towards how I should be treating my parents.

And, as the wise saying goes, " Our parents don't need our filial piety. It is us, Children, who needed to practice it.". How true!
So, have you called your parents lately? Why not make the call or the visit now?


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reflection and Reporting: Eat and Serve Healthier Food

Hi folks!

This year i have not really confirm or rather conclude on my New Year Goals/Aspirations so to speak....

I have got lotsss in mind to do and achieve...but priorities the key.

I like to do it one at a time or at any one time and...record each small tiny steps leading towards each of my goal.

So today's reporting will be on my Health and Parenting Goal: Eat and Serve Healthier Food :)

One of the many recipes i wanted to experiment is smoothies. This is especially for my kids and hubby in mind.

Of course, first i am my first guinea-pig and my own critics before serving the rest of the crew ;)

This particular one which I have tried : Banana-Avocado Smoothie (verdict: yummy and heart-healthy)

Ingredients are simple:
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 avocado
  • 3/4 glass of apple juice
Put all into blender and blend to smoothie perfection!
(i use my ever trusty hand blender ...very easy to wash..)

By the way, one of my friend taught me to freeze the unfinished bananas, so I am able to whip this yummy smoothies anytime I have ripe avocados at hand. Simply take out the frozen bananas from the freezer and thaw it for 10mins(if you have a power juicer, you can blend it immediately!). This give the smoothies a cool taste minus the ice.

Today offered this drink to my son who walked into the kitchen full of curiosity. And yep he finished half glass of this yummy-licious drink! Makes mommy happy n proud & excited to try some other yummy recipes ;) One of the thing i could add in now perhaps is some extra nutrients like flaxseed powder etc...

How are the recipes you have been experimenting lately for yourself or family? Pls. do share!