Saturday, February 25, 2012

Opposites Attract? What's next?

When two persons of opposite character becomes husband and wife, is it more interesting or challenging?

To me it is a real challenge, things like:
He: Think traveling overseas a waste of money & annual leave. Would rather spent the same amount/more on gadgets!
She: Treasure The once-a-year overseas/local traveling which opens the mind, recharge the soul.

He: Sending kids to their interest(piano, ballet,etc) a waste of time & money(for parents) Would rather spent the same amount/more on gadgets!
She: Believes in nurturing the kids' interest. A good investment.

He: No noise from kids in the morning,night, afternoon cos there are ppl who are sleeping/napping.
She: Being noisy and chatty are natural and normal for kids. Simply have to bring them to right place to release the energy & explore.

He: Upon reaching home would be tv, iPad, HP games, laptop browsing till past midnight
She: Upon reach home, go thru' kids' homework, eat/prepare dinner, do laundry, do dishes, shower, fold clothes, play/read with the kids..collapse by midnite.

He: Finding job, main criteria is $. Nothing else matter.
She: Finding job, main criteria is distance, working hr, availability of flexi-hr, no. of annual leave, medical benefits for family, etc.

He: when having dates/appointment with buddies, just sit in front of tv and wait for time to leave the house.
She: when having buddy dates, first check if hubby availability to take care of the kids, not going out, check children's homework, remind dad to go thru homework with them, prepare their meals, complete the housework( mopping, cooking, laundry, hang clothes, washing dishes) before getting washed up to rush out for appointment.

Enough said, opposite attracts also bring much imbalance. Thus, the She has to learn to be accountable for her choices, let go and take good care of herself to keep her sanity and love alive daily.

What do you think?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

15 minute lunch pack: Stir-fry Fusilli

Hi folks! Fusilli is one of the of pasta I cooked often besides macaroni. Reason being it is easy to cook and easy to eat with spoon. Lately I colleague told me she would soak the pasta before cooking them and another colleague of DH just cook it without boiling them. For me, I am used to how he westerners do it, first cook them in hot boiling water(with added salt for faster cooking) & Chinese way of adding a bit of oil in the boiling water so that the pasta won't stick together ( another way to do this is to run thru the pasta over cold water right after it is cooked so it won't stick and would be "kiu"/chewy texture). Same as ramen, while the pasta is cooking(takes about 10mins), I would stir-fry black olives(taste great to replace garlic), broccoli(for faster cooking I might even put the broccoli over the top of the pasta; it will turn soft and cooked faster), mushroom, soy-ham, herbs and whatever I have at hand. Once done I would add bit of olive oil, if better use olive oil in the entire stir-fry and u will find the pasta with very nice fragrance..yummy..Easy peasy rite..15minutes and lunch pack is ready! ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Dear Warehouse Sale is back, 23 Feb - 4 Mar 2012

Hi folks!

For parents who are looking into big items, walkers, spring cot might want to check this sales out :)

Happy shopping!

Giant Clearance Sale, 23 February – 4 March 2012

Hi folks!

It's been a long time since i last posted on sales...hehe..

I am trying to curb my spending plus trying to clear what i have bought during the CNY :)

Now, time to restock..wonder what does this sale has to offer?

Anyone visited?



23 February – 4 March 2012

Giant Clearance Sale

Up to 70% Discount!

Giant Clearance Sale Happening Only At 

Sri Petaling Hotel!


10am – 10pm

Location (6016 330 9667)

Hotel Sri Petaling

Function Room

Jalan Radin Anum

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling



Monday, February 20, 2012

A demise of a jovial aunt

Hi folks!

This morning i received a news of the demise of my second aunty (father's side). I have heard about her having cancer but ever so vibrant, youthful-looking and cheerful she is, she never show any sign of the cancer affecting her life.

Today, receive the news of her returning to a better place (pray so)....

Hope she finds peace and I will always treasure her bubbly smiles and her cheerful personality which brings much fun and laughter from people around her.

I would hope to emulate her sense of cheerful outlook in life.

RIP aunty...