Saturday, March 10, 2012

A busy weekend and another farewell

I was down with cold after few days of late nights...together with my son ...we were on mc yesterday..suddenly received news that my hubby's grandmother has passed away...this year seems like hearing lotsa "farewell".

Remember to treasure each breathe, each moment spent with ppl around us.
As a mom, even though our service is needed whether we are healthy or least we are still able to be there for them...our presence, our love..

I like to remind myself this so that I won't forget to stay grateful for the great responsibilities bestowed to us being a daughter, a mom and a wife..employee...stay sane..stay laments..take great care..

Have a fruitful weekend everyone!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Second Baking attempt

Hi folks! Remember my last baking appreciation workshop at 19Culinary? Here's the second batch of pastry I "baked" not from scratch though.. But from ready-made dough from 19Culinary imported from Swiss..this time round is cinnamon, apple and pineapple strudel..hmm..taste good but don't look as good as the one the teacher baked..seems not fluffy and not "raised" up enough..but anyhow they got polished within 30mins after it was baked..with my small oven I can only bake 4 per attempt would be the farmers bread! Stay tuned with my "baking" adventures! ;)