Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Balanced meal

Consist of 5 colors, Vege, tuner, grains..carbo, protein, vitamins? Minerals...perfect satisfying & healthy meal anytime! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is back

Hi folks!
I been hearing a lot about the four-day event that began yesterday at the Monumen Alaf Baru in Precinct 2, Putrajaya.

The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will also see the return of the "night glow" event on Saturday night, where balloons will be lit up in a synchronised manner to the sounds of music, culminating in a fireworks display.

It's free-admission with activities such as a para motor exhibition, bicycle exhibition, helicopter joy rides, tethered hot air balloon rides, remote controlled aeroplane model demonstration, meet-and-greet session with the participating balloonists and the Mountain Dew Extreme Zone for the adventurous ones.

No pre-booking service required. The hot air balloon ride (priced at RM10) for the public and is dependent on the weather.

For more details, visit

The fiesta ends on Sunday.
Are you guys going? Or have you been there with your kids during this school holiday?
I would love to go, yet at the same really scared of the big crowd :P Thinking too much early we should go to be on the safe side? Any idea?

My Simple Yet Filling Breakfast

Hi folks!

This is my typical no-fuss breakfast I ate daily at workplace. Oatmeal+oat milk energy+fruits(bananas, oranges,etc). At times, maybe an additional bread or toppings like cranberries & nuts. So yummy that I can eat it everyday. It kinda nurture that palette that doesn't crave for oily fried noodles for breakfast anymore ;) which is good for my waistline I feel :)

Note: Pic posted specially for you Azza ;) Healthy eating anytime.. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conversation with kids about the Farewell

Hi folks!

Note that I prefer to use farewell rather than "death"...

Before we reach the funeral procession, I talked about it in the car with my children so that they are emotionally prepared as it is their first time attending a funeral.

I informed them that we are going to say goodbye to great-grandma and that great grandma has gone home to meet great grandpa.

Some of the Q n A KY and I had:
KY: Where is taipo going?
Molly: She is going back to "Heaven".
KY: Why "taipo": great grandma is leaving?
Molly: Taipo has finished her task here thus decided to go back to join "tai gong" great grandpa.
KY: Oh...then when can we go back too?
Molly: When we completed the task we need to do here then we could go back.
KY: we get to go back to Heaven too next time?
Molly: If we keep our hearts "good", no bad thoughts, no getting angry all the time. Always loving, and close to God. Care for others..

Upon reaching funeral place, my mil said to us that KY 7-year old cousin cried loudly just now and demanded to know who killed his taipo...

KY: Mommy, why gorgor;"cousin brother" cry when taipo is leaving?
Molly: Because he misses taipo and can't bear to be apart with her.
KY then walked to him, ask him why he cried, then give him a hug and told him don't cry, taipo is back to "Heaven"..
Cousin: I feel sad that's why I cried, but mommy said I can give taipo something. I want to give taipo flowers.
And this usually hyperactive & rowdy boy became calmer.

It marvels me how kids react and questions about "farewell". It also taught me a good lessons to explained to them while also help them to grieve in a more positive way like what my sil did. The next day, my sil bought a bouquet of flower and place it in front of the great grandma altar/Picture.

I have seen how my mil cried out to her mom, feeling sad that she no longer has a mom to call to. At that very moment, I felt(as her half daughter), what I can do is to show more care for if the taipo is showing me the way, the best way to grieve for her is to shower double care to this "mom" of mine while there are still chance to do so....

Thanks grandma for the reminder...I will remember to call & visit mil more often from now on...y'day(the day after the burial) when I called her to inform about the water disruption as I believe most of us has been too busy to read the news for the past few days...), I can feel from her voice, she's been crying alone...time to go back this bring some voices and laughter home by her own simply have a magical healing power to transform grief to joy..the gift from God...


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Water supply disruption on March 14 and 15

Hi folks!

Have you heard the news? Haven't been reading news for the last 4 days due to some family event to attend...someone alert me of the water disruption in KL and Selangor.

Check out the article below for more info:

I gotta run down to the market to get some essential...and perhaps clean all the laundry today...

Hopefully it won't last more than Thurs. as stated...

Now, we know how important water is....time to educate the kids too!


學會用愛傾聽 Learning to Listen with Love

Hi folks!

Nice sharing...
Note:For those who can't read but can understand me..copy n paste to Google Translate..on the mic and listen...nice article, especially for us mothers, and working often we hear sounds which seems irritating? If we listen with our heart, we become more calm and handle the situation much better way! Cheers!






























Monday, March 12, 2012

Farewell atmosphere

Hi folks!
DH grandma has been such kind, strong and thoughtful mom. Even when she chose to leave this world(peacefully in her sleep), she chose the best time when the great grandchildren are having holidays and when it is weekend so that it doesn't requires the grandchildren who are studying and working to miss too much of their work/study. Besides her children are all very grateful to her that her last days are filled with laughter, independance and usual jovial painful/dreadful sick in bed or hospital visits...she just chose to leave peacefully..even with a nice portrait photo taken just in time and nice for the farewell ceremony....

This is the great love of a mom...never want to burden her children....

The farewell ceremony thus far is peaceful and not tearful..
All her great grandchildren, grandchildren, children came back from UK, S'pore etc..all back to send her off for the final leg..may she rest in peace in Heaven together with grandpa and continue to guide & protect her descendants....

My most fruitful part was to get to know each of hubby's cousins better...after hmm..6+yrs of hi-bye kinda relationship..this time round..more time to chat and mingle as everyone needs to stay around for the ceremony...

I am sure grandma is happy to see such reunion...till we send her to her last leg tomorrow...taking CL tomorrow...zzzz now..

Have a restful night all!

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