Thursday, March 22, 2012

Western vs. Chinese/Natural Medication

Hi folks!

Lately I've been down with cough, flu and continuous
Interrupted sleep making my whole body immune at a low point. It didn't help that straight after that the series of events(the funeral, kids down with vomiting & nose block who didn't sleep well at night) making my already weak body drilling even further. And we women or mom, I noticed hardly know the signs of burnt out or "stress" as march on with our daily duties. When seeking out for natural solutions, the pharmacist asked if i was stressed out, I couldn't answer her. As if I would, I don't really notice it besides some questioning whether we have been losing our patience lately and losing sleep too.

So the second round, as the cough got worse especially when I work in air-cond room, doctor specifically asked me to rest 2 days at home. I maxing out on my mc or what..gosh.. But no choice, better get well so that I could perform well too rather being sick and unproductive.

So am obediently(hopefully able to resist the washing, cleaning and I always do even during sick period) taking a break for two days..will just eat, zzz and sleep. Letting my body heal itself.

But wanting to get well fast, I resort to taking the western medication(which I usually don't), wow it really make me feel drugged, wobbly and just want to lie down, no appetite or energy at all. Compared to Chinese and natural(lemon+manuka+propolis) that I usually takes which doesn't make me feel any different..phew.. Even though it takes longer time to heal naturally, I still don't really like the "weakly" feel after taking western medication..

How about you all? Do u prefer the natural or the western medicine way when coming to treating your sickness?

Till I get back to my healthy and bubbly going to close my eyes and rest rest rest.

Cheers and have a great day folks!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lovely Dining Experience@ Radhey Heavenly Delights

Hi folks! I stumbled upon this fine dining Indian Vegetarian restaurant at Groupon and finally found time to try out their 5 course meal yesterday wih hubby & kids.

As it's hard to find Indian vegetarian cuisine without onion and garlic, this restaurant is a rare find; no onion, no garlic, no animal rennet for their yummy cottage cheese, plenty of choices from Indian cuisine, eggless cake, pasta to they have takeaway, deliveries, catering services too! Awesome place for those who love Indian food.

Service are excellent and DH & KY gives a thumbs-up to their food. I personally loved their curry which doesn't gives me the spicy & heaty after taste..must be the way they cook it, ingredient as well as the combination of yogurt and special mayonnaise yummy..

My next trip will be to try out their pasta, pizza and eggless cake :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Muffin Baking Attempt

Hi folks! Finally managed to bake the banana muffin following a recipe shared by Auntie Pam. The activity we managed to do on the second last day of the school holiday