Saturday, April 14, 2012

He cooks..yeah..yummy..

Once in a blue moon meal..from hubby..fried kuew tiau & hokkien Mee :)

Nasi Gurih from Loving Hut, Sri Petaling

Special Indonesia rice cooked by Indonesian of course! Thumbs-up!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How well-equipped are we?

Hi folks!
Last Wednesday, during the public holiday in Malaysia, many of us felt the after-shock from the earthquake from Indonesia.
My sister called me while i was driving back from my mom's place around 4.30pm saying that their condo residents all rushed downstairs and waiting for the firemen to give the clearance before heading back. Some of her neighbours saw the building moving. My sis saw her fan moving without power on.
Not only is Malaysia building not built to resist earth quake, neither is the citizens in general.

Many of us only experienced fire drill at school and work. But how many of us are well-equipped with what to do during disaster?
How many of us knew how to swim, knew first aird and knew we had to run instead of going forward to check on the tsunami?
Recent cases shows that Malaysians are still ill-equipped on all these.
Besides packing our "disaster backpack" to contain our basic necessities and important and place it near our door, what else should we do?
What we should be nurturing in our kids so that they knew what to do when disaster strikes.
Most important of all, we ought to be able to stay calm and also have God in our heart always...
What are the things you are doing on regular basis?
One of my friend who have stayed in US said they have these bags ready in the car, at home and the dry food like biscuits and drinks are changed every 3 months as they often experienced tornados etc.
So, it's really time we give ourselves a check and get ourselves equipped physically and mentally, don't you think?
Have a thoughtful weekend ahead folks!

FREE Parenting Talk by Lil Footprints, 20 April 2012

Hi folks!
Saw this event notice:
Date: 20 April 2012

Event: FREE Parenting Talk by Lil Footprints
Target group: Pparents with young children 5 years and below!
Topic: "Nutrition & Anxiety"
Time:  12.30-1.30pm
Location: Lil Footprints, Infant & Child Care Centre, L4-A, Level 4, The Weld
Contact: (603 2078 2991)

Info: Light refreshments will be provided.

Drop in your registration form into the box outside the Centre at Level 4



Thursday, April 12, 2012

When exterior can't be changed, adjust the interior

Hi folks!
This is what I truly felt these days...
When we have any grievance or anything we are unhappy with, we can try to change it. And when we can't change it, at least we can change how we look at it. Thus, the title above, " When exterior can't be changed, adjust the interior."
Exterior is refers to the external condition, and interior here talks about our perspective on things.
I don't  believe in complaining without taking some action on it. And, I do feel that wasting time complaining about things, unhappy over things only waste our time and waste our life. If I get to choose, I would rather look at ways I can change it. But what if things can't be change for now? Then I would have to look at it with different perspective and not to let my mood or life "ruined" by it.
This is especially true when it comes to our day-to-day rushing through life; stucked in the seemingly unchange-able traffic jam of the city. As mothers, who are fetching their kids to school/nursery, our time are basically fixed. There's no such luxury to say if the traffic condition is bad, go out earlier, as our nursery/babysitter/school don't accept our kids that much earlier!
So, many times we had to make do with the inconvenience of the traffic. But, why something cannot be done with it? Hmm...
So, at this moment, since I cannot change it, until we can afford another car; or until the traffic condition can be improved..etc...etc...
I can only get myself to acknowledge this inconvenience and enjoy the music and companion of the radio deejay while i trailed behind the seas of cars on the road...
With that mindset, I still get to work as usual but with a much less stress, happier mood to start off with.
Cheers to the hustle bustle life of city folks!