Saturday, April 28, 2012

Please HELP: Child Abduction in Kuala Lumpur at Mont Kiara

Hi folks!

I saw this at FB yesterday. Hopefully with the power of technology and close-knitted community, we all are able to to assist by keeping a lookout for this boy:



He was abducted yesterday morning just outside Mont Kiara International School in Mont Kiara. Two dark skinned men snatched him into a black Proton Gen 2 with number plate WNH 1356 (the police have identified that this is a false number plate) but they could have changed the number plate by now in any case.

If you think you have seen him, or the car, or anything suspicious, please call the police (any branch) who are on Amber Alert or call Mont Kiara International School (+603 20936045) immediately.

Or call 019-3656202 or 019-2333065.

Or Andy Davison at 012-3059492.


This must be such a crucial time for the parents.



Friday, April 27, 2012

New Phase...New Facelift..soon

Hi folks!
From today onwards (or if you happened to view this blog from yesterday night), you might observe that you are being redirected to this URL:
Yup, that is the domain for this blog.
Moving on to a new phase, with a facelift soon....and hopefully a small giveaway to all...
Stay tuned...
Cheers and have a good and safe weekend folks!
(Note: For those heading KL, be aware that all routes leading to Dataran Merdeka has been closed since today 6am till Sunday 6am due to the Bersih 3.0 rally)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What am I doing to aid the healing of HFM?

Hi folks! This must be the second time SE is down with HFM but seems that this time round is less severe than the first one (yep doc said got many types, so some child get it more than once!)
To get rid of any bacteria lurking around, I have been sterilizing their bottles with my plasma detoxifier(superb product! Not only bottles, we can also detox veg, fruits & kids toys!) and feeding Shone with manuka & propolis honey, probyo( a very strong and yummy probiotic that my kids asking for it daily!), Vit C and spirulina. Plus with lots of rest, soft food, hopefully the little guy's body recover and heal in no time! Cheers to a healthy and bubbly child once more!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miso Organic Brown Vermicelli

Hi folks! SE nursery has another HFM spread and SE having some of the symptom like ulcer on throat, tongue & mouth. So he gotta confined at home this week. Not wanting to spread to others at school or nanny's place, he's officially quarantined at home starting today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tapping into Inner Resource or Potential

Hi folks! I am speaking this tapping of resource in terms of a parent. I am sure all parents especially moms went thru this first-hand when we willingly endure the 9month discomfort pregnant with our child not to mention endure the pain of labour, and while child-rearing moments there are also lots of opportunities for us to do what we thought we couldn't. Last Sun, I came home after a workshop feeling rather giddy and headache as the weather was especially hot. However, seeing my son having slight fever and throat infection, not been eating much things made me tap into my inner power to just straighten myself up and brave thru the hot sun to grab some soothing food and drinks for him. That is the power of love. The picture here shows a mom who protected her child at all cost during the SiChuan earthquake in China. I believe all parents would do that(especially mothers!), what do you think? Any moments you felt you went above your means & limit? Powerful learning moment on our gifted treasure and energy within! Cheers!

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Missed" Meal

Hi folks! At times, my food experiment does fail especially when I get all "creative" & tried other unconventional ways to prepare it. So when it flops, or when it turned out as it should, i would usually eat it myself :P as my DH aren't that adventurous to try these meals lolx here's one morning when I tried fried bee boon but it was bit too wet as I tried cooking it in mushroom water and the water did not dried up as fast as the bee hoon turned soft. Well, it's part and parcel of cooking experiments and adventures right ;) but I made sure I stick to sure-success method when I am cooking for guest :) no chance for slippages!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fast & Simple Meal in a Jiffy

Hi folks! I made this for dinner together with KY. 3 pots & 15mins are all we need; as the daddy is rushing for time.
Cook the macaroni(add bit of oil & salt; salt will help to make it cooked faster). Chopped tomatoes, black olives Vegetarian sausages(made of non-GMO soy),carrots, tomato paste, bit of water and sugar to taste; boil till well-cooked. For a pkt of organic veg, balanced it lightly in water, dash of oil & salt..a yummy and fast meal is ready in 15 mins ;) this is one good option when time is limited yet need a wholesome meal to feed the whole family :)