Saturday, May 12, 2012

Car Pampering Session@Bubblewash

Hi folks! Today is the eve of Mother's Day! Doing anything special today & tomorrow? I am trying out a friend's newly joint-venture- Bubblewash Car wash center and later in the afternoon hope able to squeeze in a facial session for myself..a gift to myself for Mother's Day lol :) have an awesome weekend folks!

Free to catch a good movie on Sat night?

Hi folks!
Just thought of sharing with you. This Saturday(TODAY),May 12th if you happen to have spare time, do tune in to 8TV at 8.30pm. They will be showing this movie about earthquake, it is based on true story. Very touching and meaningful story. If you happened to have time, do check this out.
By the way, this movie is called Aftershock- (
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Have a fruitful weekend! And Happy Mothers Day to all mommies on earth and in heaven!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Six months free condo living in Lion City

Hi folks!

I came across this article stating that  a property developer is offering a family the chance to live for free for six months in a fully furnished condominium unit in Kovan, Singapore.


But it is not really a marketing gimmick to whip up interest in Fiorenza, launched last year, as all but two of its 28 units have been sold.

Rather, it is a test bed of sorts for Koh Brothers, which hopes to gather useful feedback on "lifestyle living", as opposed to just selling an unfurnished unit.

Touted as a "concept home", the two-bedder has space-saving, tech-savvy furniture suitable for smaller homes.

Smart features in the fifth-floor unit include a dining table that converts into a coffee table, a foldable bed which can double as a study table, motorised sun shades and multi-room surround sound.

The successful family – who will not be obliged to purchase the unit – should be a family of three, including a child, and be able to give fair feedback and comments about their experience.

To apply, they will also have to submit a 100-word essay on why they deserve the "best experience in life".

Utility bills will be paid by the developer but the family will have to bear costs such as cleaning the apartment.

The flat, fitted with everything from a washing machine to cutlery, measures 1,367 sq ft, of which nearly 500 sq ft make up the rooftop garden, leaving about 872 sq ft of indoor living space.

Units at Fiorenza have been sold at an average price of S$1,000 to S$1,100 per sq ft. The "concept home", with all its furnishings, will cost some S$1.6mil; the unit alone costs about S$1.4mil.

He said the feedback he gathered would be used as tips for future developments. 

-From  The Straits Times/Asia News Network

Not bad ya...wonder when will such "surveying" trend applies in Malaysia. 

Haha...Woohoo...for weekend! Have a good one folks!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook promoting a good cause- Organ Donation

Hi folks!

Have you ever thought of becoming an organ donor?

Recently i came across the news about Facebook to promote organ donation on tv and also in prints here at TheStar online.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has started this initiative after chatting with girlfriend Priscilla Chan, a medical student and also for his "friend", Steve Jobs who have underwent liver transplant in 2009. 

Everything we do makes a difference. And for this initiative by Mark Zuckerberg, it's going to reach out to more people to donate their organs!


Are you ready and willing to be an organ donor? Do you know, we can now fill up the organ donor form online via the Malaysian Society of Transplantation now? After filling up the details online, we just need to print out the form, sign it and mail it to the address listed on the form.

Check it out if you are interested :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another fast to cook lunchpack

Hi folks! Lately been getting up later than here's one simple lunchpack done within 15mins(all ingredient pre-cut). Satisfying meal in cold and rainy day.. When don't feel like going out for a meal..Cheers!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Campaign: Sign the Pledge- Free pneumococcal vaccination for Malaysian children

Hi folks!

A friend of mine showed me this website after she just sent her son for pneumococcal vaccination. I read about this while i brought my kids to our family doctor.

It doesn't come cheap. And it is not under the list of vaccination under our National Immunisation Plan (NIP). So there are still many children who are not protected as not all parents could afford.

If you are a parent like me and wish that more children get protection, do read more about this here sign your pledge here to support the call to make PnD vaccination available to all children in Malaysia.

I have signed (number currently at 961), how about you?

Cheers to healthier children! Let's do our bit, folks!

Barbie Dress & Design Studio workshop, May 5- Sep 2012

Hi folks!

KY is one big Barbie fan. And I saw that there's a Barbie Dress & Design Studio workshop at 20 locations in the Klang Valley and Penang from May 5 till the end of September this year.

Organiser: Barbie and crafts school Da Vinci Creative Kids

Target: Open to children from six to 12 years old

How to participate:

Register at participating Da Vinci centres at least five days before the scheduled workshop date.
Bring along their own Barbie Design & Dress Studio doll set, which retails for RM99.90 at major toy and departmental stores.

For more information, go to Da Vinci's official website at, call (03) 5637-5510 or email

Sounds fun huh? It does seems like something KY would love having...But need to first purchase Barbie Design & Dress Studio doll set! See if there's extra money to spare to this fun time during her birthday perhaps...btw..she has already made a list for her party pack. She wished to have a mini celebration at her nursery which I obliged as this would be her last year at nursery!


Monday, May 7, 2012

BerryBow and WAO Event at Publika, Solaris Dutamas, June 16

Hi folks!
Are you one fashionista who also loves doing charity at the same time?
Here's one outlet that you might be interested! You get to shop for fashion items and at the same time do your bits for charity, namely Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) or Pertubuhan Pertolongan Wanita.
I got this news from a blog i kinda read regularly since the first time i had my daughter and this columnist(now she has one column at TheStar), emcee, celebrity, etc has a column in Baiboo magazine.
So, yeah, if you planning to shop for some items (what about to reward yourself for upcoming Mother's Day), check this event out k!
And do help to spread the words...Thanks...

Busy Exam period?

Hi folks!
Last weekend, i went for a planned overnite at my younger sis's house. And some cooking, swimming etc planned out.
Totally forgotten that my kids would be having their exam this week....
So, uponr reading FB statuses of the "stressed-out" mommies, I just bring out all their books to revise for the subject to be tested on Monday.
It's Chinese for my girl and Chinese & Moral for my boy.
It's a bit challenging though to revise together at the same time as you get questions coming from both side. When i answered to one, the other one thought i answer to him/her. And when one had to wait, he/she got impatient.
Hohoho, so after going through the books for like 30mins or so....we hang up and took our i over-relaxing? Afterall it's only nursery?
Well, i just felt, it's good to let them have the habits of revising, but no need the add-on stress.
I can see my boy dutifully showing me what to be revised...not bad for a 3year old going to be 4 next month. Whereas, my gal..phew....totally non-challant attitude...
Besides, this mommy being chinese illiterate doesn't help much...I had to refer to my iphone apps- talking dictionary for the pronunciation and meaning of the Chinese words....hohoho...
So, at night time when the dad is back from his outstation trip, I got him to go through with the girl who has "tougher" chinese works & words to be revised and go through...
Hope she can be more independant with her revision and school work expecially when she marched on to primary school next year...aiyaya..time for me to catch up more chinese ......before the 2013 comes...
Cheers and chill out k Mommies...don't over-stress yourself & kids!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sushi-making with kids

Hi folks. Another fast and easy meal to prepare with kids & at the same time sneak in some yummy vegetables like cucumber and carrot. We ate the leftover veg dipped in avocado&tahini spread :) perfect light lunch!