Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 minutes lunch pack- Whole wheat Stir fry spaghetti

Hi folks, i love spaghetti. This is my first time cooking a whole wheat spaghetti(a gift from a friend). I cooked it my usual favorite way, light stir fry but this time using coconut oil, added diced pumpkin(super delicious!!), broccoli, Vege ham, black olives, carrot, Chinese mushroom, basil, mixed herbs and must not left out some extra virgin olive oil at the end. Super yummy and satisfying meal which I can't help but took portion of it during breakfast :) albeit I feel the whole wheat spaghetti is better to be sautéed or spread on with sauces or gravy so it would absorb the water and nicer to munch on. My next experiment ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will you join me to sign this petition?

Hi folks!
Lately there has been so many cases of snatch thefts at the popular malls like Times Square, KLCC, Pavilion, One Utama and the surrounding areas. 
You can check out some of these incidents/pictures in Facebook and websites, like here.
As a women, mother and citizens, we are really feeling insecure in our own country.
Now, Malaysians Against Rape, Assault, and snatcH (MARAH) are urging Malaysians to sign this petition to the Selangor State and Federal Governments of Malaysia. They need 100,000 signatures and are strictly a non-political non-religious color blind citizen's initiative who care enough to lobby for the safety of all Malaysians in general and females in particular. 
Like, they are campaigning for safer car parks, safer streets, and the right to be safe in and outside our own homes. You may go over to their page to check out their goal and campaign through The CARing Project  in terms of safety, in order to apply pressure on shopping mall management to take our safety more seriously.  
Let's do our part for a safer Malaysia and start rating and signing the petition today.
Cheers to a better & safer country for everyone to live in.

Have our say on Budget 2013!

Hi folks!

Let's give our feedback on the Budget 2013....

But we only have until July 29, to have our say...

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has invited us, Malaysians to submit our views via his blog July 29.
Najib will table the budget on Sept 28.
I only saw the news yeah...I hope they have better facilities for working moms with kids...
And better and free & quality education for our children. Better support, grants and incentives to build a pool of qualified educators...don't make teaching job the lowest priority/pick for school leavers...
What about you? What is your say on this?
Let's give our feedback....


The 3 C's of Life

Monday, July 16, 2012

Great helper SE

Hi folks! I remember when KY was young, I wasn't as encouraging when it comes to certain housework that might incur "mess" aftermath. Thus I found she is less interested in doing some simple cleaning up herself now. So when SE eagerly voluntered to help with mopping, I let him do it. And he more does it(under my supervision), the better he is. Last weekend, I can generally leave it to him to mop the house while I busy with washing dishes and cooking. SE has been a great help! And nope I don have to re-mop after he finished as he has become quite skillful at it, covering even under the sofa...good job SE & thanks for taking part in making our house clean :) grateful mommy...

KY first buddy birthday party

Hi folks! Have your child start receiving birthday party invitation already? My gal has receive birthday invitation of her best buddy at school last month. But as we were outstation, we couldn't make it. Then her birthday, S invited KY to her sibling birthday party. I must say I am very touched by their friendship and also their loving parents who would do the extra miles for the joy of their kids organizing such fun party for their kids and their friends. KY had a great time at Laserwarzone. Also celebrating with her best I am thinking how to celebrate for my gal this month... :) hoping for a simple but memorable one as it's her last yr@nursery :)