Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trolley bag

Hi folks!
These days I could not shop alone without hubby's help to carry the heavy groceries. Thus, I got this bag from Tesco last weekend(FOC when we buy 3 P&G products which happened to be the items I need to buy anyway). So hopefully these days I get to do some light shopping on my own whenever hubby is not free. It isn't a nice feeling to be dependent on someone..though people say cherish this moment as you only get such luxurious treatment while you are expecting..Lolx..

Another thing to be grateful of indeed..having the occasional privileges of being pregnant as not all areas, places and time we get to experience the "privileges! E.g., I had to queue more than 45mins. during KY orientation day just to buy books n fill up forms..almost feel like fainting due to giddiness and stuffiness(it was very crowded n long queue!). Luckily DH arrived in time during his lunch break..phew..thank God! Cheers :)

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