Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lunch pack for the day: Pumpkin Fried Rice

Hi folks!

School has started, time for me to crack my head and think of what to cook and pack for 3 of us.

Meals which are still palatable when not hot. Food that taste good for my two very "particular"/"high-taste"/"critical"/gourmet tasters :P
Where DH said all for my own good..so that I can be a better cook...yeah...hope so..

Here's one i won't missed...fried rice, stir-fry noodles..sushi..

So today I made this pumpkin rice. As I prepare the ingredients, I think of 5-colour-rule.

Yellow: Sweetcorn
Orange: Pumpkin
Black: Mushroom stalks
White: Rice
Green: green peas
**Pink: Vegetarian Sausage (KY's favourite!)

Rice: Normal white rice mixed with multigrain (millet, brown rice, quinoa, etc)...


A hearty meal..wait till i checked if KY managed to finished them all which would means = THUMBS-UP! for this meal.

I personally love the sweetness of pumpkin in this dish ;)

How about you? What type of ingredients you love adding to fried rice?

Please share with me some lovely dish which are kid-proof..hehe..



dd said...

hi dear.. just started following your blog :)
would u mind to share where u normally get your vege sausage?
and when u said u steam yr rice+all those veges.. how actually u do it eh?
no need to cook the rice eh.. just steam it away?

dd said...

hi dear.. i just follow yr blog.
nice blog lots of gud info n tips.
btw would u mind sharing where u normally get the vege sausages? shud be halal la kan?
and when u said u steamed yr rice.. how u actually do it eh.. just put the rice+veges n steamed it away.. no need to cook the rice 1st use rice cooker?

AlohaMolly said...

Hi dd,

I usually get my vegetarian sausage(made from non-GMO soy product at BMS Organic). You can check it out at their website: http://www.bmsorganics.com/index.php/latest-promotions/vegetarian-food-promo

Let me share how I steam the rice in another blog post :)