Monday, February 25, 2013

Sudden realisation...

Hi folks!

These days, my battery runs pretty low. At times, or most of the Sunday evening, I would retire early...earlier than the children sometimes, when I tried to put them to bed with me zzz earlier than them.

Last night, suddenly i hear the games apps noise first I thought it was one of my two children playing away happily....I called out their names few times, but no one replied me. So I walked out of the room and guessed who I saw? The never-grown-up DH of mine :P

Gee, suddenly see the child in him who never grows up. The former me would be screaming mad :P but this time round, I find it funny rather than angry...but still added if he is free, could he lend me a hand to iron the kids' uniform etc... :P as mother always does...

Does your "other" child still acting like a child occasionally? I think it's one of their granted..we ought to let the "childlikeness" in us in action sometimes ;)

Whereas mine would be totally immersed myself in my luxury ME time reading my favourite magazines (in this case it would be either Reader's Digest or Malaysian Women's Weekly)...and not feeling guilty at all that it isn't any IT journals, parenting magazines or :D

What are yours? Do share if you have any :D

Cheers to a wholesome week!

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