Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best job in the world

Hi folks!

What do you think is the Best job in the world?

How about a job as a caretaker on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier
Reef, Australia. All one had to do was have a vacation on the island
and communicate to a global audience via weekly blogs, video updates
and photo diaries and pay is A$150,000 for six months of "work"?
Awesome or too good to be true?

It's a true story happened to Ben Southall, the one who won the best
job in the world back in 2009. Southall won the job after joining a
contest campaign run by Tourism Queensland.

Now the campaign is back. And there are now SIX jobs up for grabs.
Wow..sounds like an interesting experience for those who are gamed for

For the six-month assignment this time around, the pay is A$100,000
(RM319,000), plus accommodation, food and expenses, for doing one of
the following menial jobs: Chief Funster (New South Wales); Outback
Adventurer (Northern Territory); Park Ranger (Queensland); Wildlife
Caretaker (South Australia); Lifestyle Photographer (Victoria); and
Taster Master (Western Australia).

The competition is run by Tourism Australia with the six state and
territory partners.

Open to anyone over 18 who can obtain a working holiday visa for
Australia (so Malaysians are eligible!!!).

(Source: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2013/3/16/lifetravel/12813442&sec=lifetravel)

Or Go to Tourism Australia's Working Holidays Facebook
orwww.australia.com/bestjobs for forms/further details of the

Cheers! (Now at first, one second i thought the Best job in the
world...is being a mom..lolx!)

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