Thursday, March 14, 2013

Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience

Hi folks!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I spent a lot of time researching on the best diapers, safest bottles, best practices childcare and childbirth.

During baby shower, I received a packet of diapers in pants form, which I then began to read more about it. This type of diapers are meant for babies who are busy crawling. True enough, when my baby reaches 4-6 months old, changing diapers began to be increasingly difficult as she tossed, turned and crawl.

Then I switched to using Huggies Dry Pants. It made my life easier especially when we are travelling and there's no changing pads or space to lie down the child. With these type of diapers, I can just pull up the diaper like pants or underwear; lying down or standing. And to remove it, I can simply tear at the side and voila! The diaper can be removed quickly and easily. No mess and there's no need to remove her underwear or pants to do that, truly is "Koyak, Salin  & Lepas” or "Pull them up, tear and go! That easy... :)

As I had my second child and life becomes busier, I actually trained my elder child to assist the brother to wear the Huggies Dry Pants himself when mommy is busy! In fact,they like the fact that they could wear and remove the diapers on their own and it does helped to kick-start the toilet training later on.

At the beginning of the toilet-training phase, Huggies Dry Pants really helps me a lot especially during the "emergencies". There was once when I brought my girl out on my own to shop for festive goods, suddenly she wanted to pass urine immediately. Imagine having your cart full of shopping items, toilet is quite a distance away and not having anyone else who could watch it for you so that you could perhaps carry your child and dash to the nearest toilet. 

What I did then was to quickly walk to the baby diapers aisle and pick up a pack of Huggies Dry Pants and wear it for her on-the-spot(of course I paid for the packet!) and continued with my sure if any moms experienced this before. It has been one of those moments that requires fast action in motherhood for "emergencies" cases like this!

Now, if you like to experience it yourself and Change for better convenience, you can request for a Huggies Dry Pants sample at: now 
or visit Huggies Facebook at for more details.

Cheers to a breezier parenthood!

Disclaimer: I received a few Huggies Drypants sample to let my kids try on. Nevertheless, my kids are long-time user of Huggies Drypants. Thus, all review comments are all from my own experience of using Huggies Drypants.

About Huggies Dry Pants
Huggies Dry Pants is an easy-to-use option for active infants and toddlers – just try it and you’ll see how easy changing can be when all you need to do is just pull them up, tear and go! With its soft stretch sides to provide better comfort and help prevent red marks even when your baby is on the move and a quick lock system to help stop leaks, Huggies is Malaysia’s first brand of disposable diapers which is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!

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