Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lunch Pack Special today

Hi folks!

Ok..perhaps fried rice is not any special dish per say, but this one is prepared by DH. Yesterday, he volunteered to make egg toast for KY as her lunchpack. Who knows the kids finished off half the bread loaf last night. Thus, i cooked some rice for both of us as lunch. While I am steaming the rice, I steamed along ABC soup. Putting in whatever remaining ingredients I have in the fridge, i.e., potatoes, tomatoes, cashew nuts, red dates and ginger. I scooped the ingredient up for breakfast munching and put the remaining soup in thermos for three of us.

KY always love his dad's "rare" cooking. So yea..it's a special lunch pack today(sorry egg toast is too yummy ...I ate it for breakfast in the car without snapping any picture of it....wait till DH next offer to prepare for his princess ;)


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