Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of Thought

Hi folks!

What is the possibility of meeting up with all the people you think of on the same night at the same place?

Amazingly, yesterday evening, when DH drove me up to Klang to pickup some baby clothing from a friend, I thought of some old buddies, whether they'll(and we have) time to meet up. They are long time friends of me & DH whom we have known while we are still single.

Then, out of a sudden, when we went to have a late dinner after running our errand, we ended up meeting up with 3 groups of friends we were thinking of.

THAT, is the power of thought! Amazing....

One of the friend exclaimed, this means u are going to be very lucky..I do hope I am! I need plenty of luck from now to months to come to face a new chapter of my life...mommy of 3s....

I know God will be walking along with me...

Thankful, grateful and will now think of all the good things and good people around me..


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